Beginning Rally / CU Class

So you’ve completed an obedience class or two, but your dog still needs some help learning how to behave/perform around distractions (like other dogs, strangers, etc). Or maybe you and your dog just want to continue to enjoy working together in a class environment. Well, then Rally Obedience may be for YOU!

Rally Obedience is a dog sport that involves performing a variety of obedience behaviors on a course designed by a judge. It’s a great way to help perfect your dog’s focus amid distractions, perfect on (and off!) leash walking, and develop obedience skills—all while having loads of fun together. If you really enjoy Rally, there are competitions you can enter to show off your stuff and even win some prizes! But the skills you develop in Rally class are practical as well, since you can use them on your daily walks with your dog.

This class is different in the sense that we are combining a focus/reactive dog class with a Rally Beginner class.  Therefore there is a lot to cover and practicing with your dog at home is very important.
Session Details:
Cost: $85.00
Length: 6 - 1 hour sessions
Size: up to 6

Upcoming Sessions:
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